The nerve! The Gall! The Balls of Steel! You guys have brought shame upon the house of Kinja! Shame I say! Sitting there in your armchairs of psychology in rooms filled of squalor! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You are so pathological!*

WHY IN THE NAME OF THE GOOD LORD DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT THE FOLLOWING CAME BACK?!?! I had to hear it from that two-faced blower (it's Victorian slang) known as Entertainment Weekly. I thought we were friends! I thought we loved each other but you have turned your back on me!

I will now watch the first episode alone on Hulu since I have finished Sleepy Hollow. Some of the ending of the Sleepy Hollow finale did not pack a punch because of spoilers on GT last night but I was impressed with the Sleepy Hollow writers. That plot twist was amazing! ETA: NO SPOILERS!!!!!!

Now, begone and go sit in your rooms of squalor. I hope you are ashamed enough to watch The Following so I can have people to converse with. And of course I will be tweeting my random views on Twitter.


*Sorry I can't help it. That entire thing was nothing but shenanigans and I am still laughing from it.