Ugh, no wonder this kid is depressed. I cannot believe the superficial hogwash these kids have been brainwashed into believing. They think status is everything. They hate anyone who isn't thin and successful. They have been raised with LITERALLY no empathy for those less fortunate.

So far they have made fun of:

1) Black hip-hop (they only like Macklemore and Eminem. They do not know who Vanilla Ice is).

2) Fat people

3) Poor people

4) Mentally challenged people

5) Liberals/Democrats

6) "Trashy" people

7) Foreign people

and they don't even know what the heck they're talking about! They're all terribly insecure and unhappy, talking only about how they're the best/smartest/etc.


They don't have any lives or interests aside from accumulation. I love these kids because I nannied for them forever. I was always afraid they'd turn out this way. I try to tell them that people come from different walks of life, that they should never take for granted the privilege that they come from. People aren't really that different deep down. They say I'm the nicest person, but that I'm crazy. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

Oh, and they HATE Obama. Which, fine. But you're 13 and uninformed. You're 18 and spewing out what you hear your mom rant about. You're 16 and terribly depressed.

Sorry. I'm just scared for our future and sad for theirs.