Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am back.

Hello online-friends, I bring the good news...I am back. With my original account. Because Sobek, the glorious and malevolent, has given me back my passwords for FB and Kinja. Because I have did the deed and handed in my thesis yesterday.

I announce this day to be a day for celebration. I demand offers, preferably steak, but red wine and chocolate are fine, too. So raise your glasses. As I will do so myself. Hopefully, more than one. I actually expect to be as drunk as on the day Ra let wine rain from the heavens, to make me drunk on red wine instead of on the blood of the fallen.

On another news, I got a banner: the white labcoat on red background: the tired scientist of House B. Their motto: With Coffee and Blood (cells).


Now I only have to find a job and to wait for my oral defense...in a few months. *sighs*

I am also broke, because uni demanded me to pay fees for the rest of the year, and I will get the sum of the not attended months back...sometime...in the future...*sob*.


I feel like a snow globe, all shaken up and twirling. I hope my emotions will set soon, before I stop being too tired to give any fucks...


Love, Soon-to-be Dr. Sechmeth, PhD

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