Shhesh Maine motels have worst wifi ever. I am home.with better wifi.

BF and GF care not a wit about the ocean.

Driving by a seawall in pouring rain not a good idea. A wave crashed over our car. We found out it was not bright since oceans can carry rocks with them.

We went to a group shop. A couple of dealer booths had Lladro,.Hummel and Doulton. Amazingly cheap but expensive. Cheap since I assumed they paid more twenty years ago. Expensive since in todays market its still overpriced. Lladro in 1990s was selling 150 and up, auction prices. In the shop highest was 150 dollars. Toby jugs by Doulton were at 35 each a steal in 90s and earlier now about right. The owner said many people are dumping their collections while they can.

Food was good. We ate cheap although more then I spend typically.