So the instructor at my dance studio just texted me letting me know I missed a workshop I had signed up for a month ago, and now I feel like garbage. It's the same feeling I get when I've slept in because my alarm wasn't turned on and suddenly realize I'm running two hours late for work. Except this time I'm also out $40 and probably lost the trust of my friends in the studio, since I've been dropping the ball on a lot of things. I signed up at a different studio two months ago, tested into a more advanced class, and then promptly dropped it once I got sick even though I signed a 6 month agreement and I'm paying insane amounts of money to attend.

Granted, most of this was because of the ovarian cyst/kidney infection/intestinal block trifecta I've been in and out of the doctor for. Plus apartment hunting appointments where every space I've had scheduled has been rented about 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment. Not to mention the mandatory 5-10 hours of overtime per week at my new job. Plus my birthday coming up in a week and a half that I've been avoiding planning for because I'm so stressed. I kind of feel like burying my head in the sand until November because I am so bad at life right now!

How do you deal with realizing you're a fuck up with too much on your plate? Because obviously I'm awful at it.