Since my clothes seem to keep growing, and I have no idea why, I have to buy new ones. And I ordered this dress which should arrive on Monday! (I got it on super duper sale, so the price tag in the link is not even remotely close to what I paid for it.) I am trying to buy more actual dresses, because they're easy and look more professional with less actual effort. Also, and feel free to laugh, I am trying to find dresses that are a bit shorter. Not because I want to show off my legs or anything. Because when I conduct the children, I kneel in front of the them so I'm not blocking the congregation's view of them (and I tend to do a LOT of kneeling and standing when I work with children). And if my dress is too long (ie, past knee length), my heels ALWAYS get caught in the hem when I stand up again and I am tired of ripping out my hems. So, shorter skirt that won't get caught in my heels.

I'm starting to feel a bit of remorse? It may be too much? Too busy? Reassure me?

And, yes, obvs, I won't really know until I try the sucker on. But I'm nervous NOW!!!!