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I Am Becoming Comic Literate #1: Holy Retcons, Batman!

I recently sent out a plea for help at becoming more informed about the wide world of comics. I got a TON of suggestions, so to thank/punish you I'm going to keep you updated on what I'm learning. Today's subject, Batgirl/Robin: Year One from DC


I grabbed this off the library shelf a few weeks back. This one is far from bad, although it leans a little heavy toward the cheese factor. This Robin is a little easier to take than the "Gee whiz!" wonder-boy of days gone by. What I like best is the way the first book develops B&Rs father/son relationship in a believable way, and Alfred makes for a great sort of Greek Chorus. The Batgirl side is a little more flawed — some of the plot doesn't make sense, and the villain is comically bad (although I'm sure that's sort of the point). Still, Barbara Gordon is a compelling character — powerful, intelligent, strong-willed — but sometimes headstrong to a fault. The art is really awesome throughout with sharp contrasts and vivid motions, so that's a big plus.

What has it contributed to my comics knowledge? Not much. I'm sure these origin stories aren't canon.

Did I get to use my comics knowledge? Yes, because Batgirl kept making these heavy-handed foreshadwoing statements about "paralysis" and "oracles."

Did I get to use my non-comics knowledge? Sort of, I guess. I mean, I got the Cassandra reference right away, although that one is explained in the text.


Grade: B- (It will probably rot your brain, but that makes it less appealing to zombies)

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