Typically, Halloween is my second favorite holiday, and lasts a week in my city. I usually have at least three costumes, all home made, take days off work, etc.

This year, my mother ruined Halloween by forcing me to leave town and attend her VERY SUDDEN wedding. So sudden, in fact, that I had to request off without the appropriate amount of time at work, which pissed off my bosses (they understood they needed to let me go, it just created a world of stress).*

Things I've missed:
-my friends hanging out with the cast of American Horror Story
-this party that I have been trying to get a ticket to for ages
-one of my best friends getting proposed to.

I do not have a costume for this year which is making me sad, and I will have to re-use something or throw it together. I know I am being sort of a brat but I cannot stop being butthurt about this.

*I think it is your duty as a human to give anyone from out of town who is going to HAVE to come to your wedding a year heads up about at least the general time and location. You do not have to wait for your pinterested save the dates to be designed, fucking send a text. It takes me that long to plan for time off at work, save for a plane ticket, etc. One year.