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By mosquitoes. My dumb ass neighbor has decided that leaving his pool 3/4 full to just be standing water and be a breeding ground for mosquitoes is a good idea. Every time I hang out in the yard with my dogs I come back in with 3 or 4 new mosquito bites. WTF??? This guy has a kid, too. Does he not worry about getting West Nile Virus??? Maybe I am just crabby because I am always itchy as hell and every time my pups ring the bell on our door to let me know they want to be in the yard I dread it. I want to call the county on this guy, but my husband insists on trying to talk to him. He actually has been trying to drop hints, and he thought the guy was going to do something. But it’s been three weeks and he has done nothing. At least I put a flea control on my dogs that also has mosquito repellent and they don’t seem to have any bites or be itchy. Anyone know of any good mosquito repellents for me that I can use until I can convince the husband that we need to call the county?


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