Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am brilliant (uh huh)

I thought that running across the muddy patch between my apartment and Other-Husband's was a good idea. With both hands full. I can now tell you that that was one of the worst ideas I've had in awhile. My bad leg skidded in the mud and I did this fabulous Tomb Raider-style drop-and-roll number... coating myself in freezing cold mud from chest to toe. On the plus side, I missed the concrete, so it was a soft landing. Also, I had a basket of clean laundry waiting for me in the kitchen at O-H's, so I could dry off and change right away. And everything I was carrying was able to be rinsed off. On the minus side, my bad leg is now REALLY sore.

Not one of my finer moments. I'm glad there were no witnesses!


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