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I Am Convinced Tabloids Hellbent On Making Camilla Parker Bowles Worse Then Any Fairytale Stepmother

I was bored in the grocery store so I saw this cover of National Examiner of how the Royals are against the marriage between Harry and Meghan Merkle. The article stated Charles threatened to disown Harry. I seriously doubt that Charles can do this legally. Charles cannot say “you are not my son thus not in line” well I doubt it.

Its the line by Camilla that caught my eye that she suppose to have said so said a source which in all probability the writer’s imagination. That “she does not want another beautiful commoner usurping attention from her”. Sorry that is just mean and makes Camilla look really bad. Along with a horrble stepmom who would be jealous of her stepdaughter in law and future one of their appearance and attention. It comes across as kind of incesty also. Not sure if stepdaughter in law is a word or not.


I do not know why she is portrayed as such a ruthless, evil stepmother that would make the Grimms say “whoa that’s too evil”. Along with beng an evil daughter in law just waiting eagerly for her mother in law to die.

I know in England the hate seems less but the US? Not according to the tabloids which I always get caught in reading when I see the words “Royal Family” like a moth to the flame.

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