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I am destroyed!

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My keychain has died. This was like a wonderful little snow globe, with colored foil stars and little bright plastic bits floating peacefully. I played with it while waiting in line at the store and it kept me from obsessing about how slowly time was moving. When I stressed out it was the first thing I reached for. It got me through dentist appointments. I would turn it and watch those stars float during endless meetings. And now it is finally gone - the lucite cracked so it is dry and dead.


I bought it in 1985 when I was in college, at a little hippie store called The White Rabbit in Bloomington, Indiana. I had it before I met The Mister and we’ve been married 24 years.

I do know this is one of those famous #firstworldproblems. However things have been stressful for me lately and when I found it dry and dead this morning it really threw me for a loop. I’ve never been into material possessions, but this one tiny thing has apparantly been way more important to me than I had ever thought. And, as I’ve found tonight, not an easy search on Google. Anyone know where I can get another? Call me silly if you want, but I just can’t let go.

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