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I am DONE with sick dog shenanigans

Tomorrow morning I’m going to have to call my vet for the second time in less than two months and tell her I will probably need her to come this week to put one of my dogs down. I feel like it’s only been a few weeks since the boys have begun to settle down since losing Schnapsie back in March.

I’ve spent the whole day trying to coax him into eating something-anything-but he steadfastly refuses. He’s still taking water, but throws it up shortly after. This has only been a problem today-he gobbled up breakfast and dinner yesterday, and was absolutely fine. There is a chance he could wake up tomorrow morning and be fine again, because he’s done this before, I’ve actually made this phone call before, only to call her a few hours later to say never mind, he was yanking our chain. I’m hoping this is one of those times.

Loving an animal is exhausting and heart breaking, and they always always leave us too soon.

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