I feel like I have been posting so much today but seriously, this article and it's comments are my new favorite thing in the world:

It is from the site "Chicks on the Right", tagline "Because Conservativism Needs a Makeover" and their logo does, in fact, incorporate a shoe (becauz ladees). They're just "cool chicks who like to tell people what we think about stuff", "except that instead of being served up all newsy and serious, it'll sound more like you've just sat down for cocktails with us, after shopping for shoes". OMG TOTES!

I have been shown the error of my thinking by "Mockarena", who was born to immigrants who came over years ago "before the cool� thing to do was to just come over illegally and refuse to learn English". She believes in "good old Christian values", and she "hates educators who teach self-esteem and correct condom use in place of history and algebra".

But it is in the comments section where I have truly learned the most about myself and my opinions. I'm obsessed with Megyn Kelly's boobs! I'm a brainless bimbo! Feminists like myself are actually just mentally ill, and we use feminist theory to explain and cover for our illness! I should be pissed on!


I would like to give one shout out to the voice of reason, Loobie, who notes that I am actually just a fictional character in the Lemony Snicket books and he's confused why they even bothered to read a fictional character's work in the first place. Loobie, you have got a real point.

Please browse and enjoy. I'm actually laughing so hard at work that I have to lean forward and try to hide my face behind my computer so no one can see.


P.S. Does anyone here at Groupthink want to challenge them to like an annual game of powderpuff football or capture the flag? I would watch the heck out of a reality show covering that - maybe something where the winning team gets 10,000K donated to the charity of their choice, so we're playing super hard so that it doesn't go to prolife crisis centers and they're like ready to kill us so it doesn't go to support one of our crazy feminazi causes? I volunteer to run our vegan bake-sale to raise money for our gender neutral uniforms!