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So, it was too hot for pants today, so I got home and took off my pants and put on my caftan and had emergency gin and tonics and tried to do fancy swirl stencils on my nails, but I have been drinking so they are not perfect and I semi care. Because I’ve been drinking. And I watched “Best In Show” while I was drinking and I forgot how delightful that movie was. It was delightful. And “The Devil Wears Prada” is on right now. And Meryl Streep is The. Shit. LOVE HER. And I was going to do an update on my midlife crisis and my marriage, but I’m too drunk to be serious. So SHORT VERSION things are better and some stuff has happened that has made things better and I don’t want to leave anymore and like we both remember why we got married and you people are FUCKING AMAZING. And goddamn, I love good movies. And like, when I am not endrunkered I need to talk to you bitches about being creative in my time because I want to but I am scared and I don’t want to lose my IRL job over it and did I mention GIN AND TONIC DARLING? SWEETIE DARLING!!!!


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