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I am entranced by Henry Cavill's hairy chest.

The husband chose tonight's movie, "Man of Steel". It's pretty good, considering I've always found Superman to be among the goofiest of the superheroes.

With that said, I at least get to enjoy the sometimes shirtless Henry Cavill. I've never liked a hairy man, but I'm oddly attracted to his scruffy woodsman look. I would pet those chest hairs.


Also, he has a bit of a snaggle tooth and if he has veneers, they're the most natural I've ever seen. Further investigation (ie me ogling him via Google Images) seems to support the No Veneers Hypothesis. It's ridiculously sexy when most Hollywood guys are just too shiny, buffed like cars, and everything is perfected. A little flaw is a GOOD thing. I'm a little jealous of Kaley Cuoco, who got all up on that daily and nightly.

Definite new man crush. Thanks, husband!

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