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I am exhausted on behalf of this woman

She decided to have sex (with her husband) every day for a year. She was concerned that her body insecurities were going to cause her husband to lose interest.

My favorite quote from the article:

So I disliked my stomach. My thighs. How I looked laying flat on my back. A myriad of irrational things, really, and I'd have the same conversation with Andy about it, telling him I'm self conscious and I just don't feel sexy, and then he'd spend 10 minutes telling me how gorgeous I am, and then another 30 minutes pouting and being hurt that it wasn't enough to make me change my mind. So on top of feeling insecure, I felt like a jerk. That needed to stop. I needed to explain to him that him seeing me that way is great, but unless I saw it too, it didn't count. I mean, at least if he expected me to be an active participant and not just a hole laying on the mattress. It took a lot of talking to make him realize that me not feeling sexy was not an attack on him, and him being hurt about it only made me feel worse. I wanted to enjoy sex, too. And the key for me being able to enjoy it is feeling confident and gorgeous, and that was a me journey, not a him journey, though having a cheerleader on the sidelines was a plus.


No matter how attractive and sexy my bf says I am I just don't feel or see it. All I can think about is how my butt looks and trying to hold in my stomach and not let him see all of me at once. It is exhausting.

Makes me want to do this:

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