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I am experiencing some form of fatigue

I'm not sure what kind of fatigue — people fatigue? Opinion fatigue? All I know is that I'm sick of everyone and the shit they decide is worthy of being broadcasted on the internet.

NOT you guys, lol. But lately when I get on Facebook or whatever I am so... Not interested in anything anyone has to say. And as I'm scrolling I read things that make me wonder who these people are. I mean, I know who they are, but I wonder why they think anyone cares what they are talking about. It's great that you added carrots to your morning smoothie or whatever but why are you talking about this?

I guess I am just incredibly cynical. Or something. Maybe if I were better adapted to social things I would understand it, but I'm not so I don't.


And the platitudes, jeeeez. You are beautiful for who you are, not what you look like; love life and your love will walk into your life; if you let go of your past your future will welcome you with open arms.

Uuuugh. People I thought I liked say the dumbest shit, sometimes.

Usually when I feel like this I'd just withdraw into whatever book I'm reading and drop off the map for a while but goddamn it, I'm sick of my book, too.

But I'm halfway through it and I can't not finish it. UUUUUUGHHH.

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