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There’s very slight TMI ahead.

I spent a week in Oregon.

I realized that I grew my first hemorrhoid while there.

So, not cool. I think it warrants medical intervention. Also, I keep getting it in my head that it’s colon cancer or something. My dad’s pancreatic cancer really got me thinking about the worst case scenario.


Then, today, I thought I had some ear pain. I thought it was a left over from my flight yesterday.

Within hours it got worse and it became clear it is actually coming from my wisdom tooth and it is easily one of the top five most painful things I’ve ever felt. I can’t believe I woke up without this pain. It’s so sudden. I’ve only ever had one filling done in my life, and that cavity didn’t even hurt.

I’m in agony and everything sucks.

Oh, and I go back to work tomorrow.


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