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I am firmly Team Dog buuuut...

If any cat is going to make me bi-petual it's this one!

Seriously, this guy is a big squishy ball of fluff and love. I was sitting in the room, feeling uncomfortably full from a night of decadent eating, when he wandered in, jumped into my lap and started purring and 'making biscuits' but NOT on my leg - he was pretty careful to make biscuits on the bed covers instead (and I know this because I shifted him so his paws were on my leg and he moved them back to the bed before he started kneading again)!!! He's a little too big to fit in my lap but boy did he try...


I'm so thoroughly charmed, guise. SQUEE.

Show me your squee! ETA: I'm on my iPhone so excuse any wonky formatting!

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