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i am freaking out.

Groupthink, help. I'm being insecure and it hurts me so much.

I came across undeniable proof that my boyfriend's female friend from high school is being that one friend that wants me and him to fail. She has feelings for him. Like, break up with your girlfriend and be with me bullshit.

Now, being that when I asked boyfriend about it he was like that's been a rumor since high school. I didn't tell him I have undeniable proof.


The things I saw her say. "Do you really stay in that relationship because kisara can't get pregnant and helps pay for stuff?" "You never let me pay for stuff or be there for you." "Why would you stay in a relationship that doesn't make you happy? I can be there and do everything for you." "Or am I /wrong/"

Boyfriend's response is just "you're wrong."

(facebook. I was logging out of his so I could get into mine and messages were up... :( BAD I KNOW. :( This was February)

Mind you, we've had so much crap happen in the past two years. My illness and his layoff has hurt so much.

I AM FEELING SO INSECURE RIGHT NOW OMFG. :( I completely believe that he has been faithful to me, it's just it bothers me what exactly she said. It's my absolute worse fear is that he will leave me because I can't have kids. He has said he isn't even thinking about the kid thing for now. He says we will get to it when it's best.


The fact that its what she said. That conversation came up between them. It. just. hurts. It's my secret fear. :(

Guys, would it be bad if I go to this chick's job and be like... hey lets have lunch and talk to her?


In the almost four years of us being together, she and I have never done this. Last time I saw her, she gave me the side eye and I was like whatever. I just kind of want to be like hey, I know but um. STOP TRYING TO SEDUCE MY BOYFRIEND.

I know boyfriend doesn't visit her much cause he's with me on his days off always. The only time he isn't he's out of town with his dad.

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