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I am freaking out (UPDATED)

Post vet update: the vet thinks the leg lump is a cyst. There were no abnormal cells in the sample. He says watch it to see if it gets bigger, but other than that, “do not worry about it.” Fat chance, but I’ll try.

The urine test result will be back tomorrow or Saturday. He had one high protein marker, but his blood test was fine (so it isn’t kidney, liver, or diabetes). It could be a UTI or just an anomalous result (aka, nothing). The boy sure likes to worry me!

Original post:

I noticed a lump on Boggs’ hind leg. I’m calling the vet tomorrow (but of course it’s a holiday week). I thought it was just muscle from the way he was laying, but it’s just the one leg and it’s all the time. I lost Gus in 2017 and Mr. Toomey last November. If this is something, I will die. Please think all the good thoughts.


Today is his one year anniversary with me.

Edit: Y’alls good juju must be working already. I was able to get into my vet Wednesday afternoon (normally they’re like the dentist - always booked). Keep it up!

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