Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm getting really sick and tired of people on the main page making comments about Texans and Floridians (is that correct?) and people from Southern states in general. Yes, I am looking at comments at the article about Arizona wanting to pass a law discriminating against gays.


Look, do I agree with the shitty laws and what not that Texas approves? No. Here's a surprising thing to note to those who put these states down: some of us are actually super liberal but are outnumbered on voting day. I won't get into the fact that a few of these states have large Latino populations and Latinos (particularly Mexican Americans) are not a demographic that comes out during Election Day. We don't vote (ok, a lot of us don't vote). There are reasons as to why we don't really vote. If we did, things may be different. But anyway, please do not lump EVERYONE in the state together.

Thank you.


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