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I am full of rage

I still hate AT&T. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to whomever may follow me on Twitter for my AT&T centered series of rage tweets.

I dunno if this Twitter thing is going to work, they asked me to DM them my account information, but radio silence for the last 30ish minutes, anyone know how long these things take?

Anyway! My AT&T related saga continues. I go to the store in the mall, so I wouldn’t have to look at that lying bitch’s face, and was told that they couldn’t take the return because we got it from an authorized retailer, not a corporate store. Who the hell knew there was a difference, right? Anyway, we had to go back to the shop with the liar, who is apparently the manager? She even lied when I asked her how to spell her name, which was on a plaque behind her. Anyway, she lied again and again. Anyone remember the episode of Dexter where he kills the used car salesman who covered up one lie with another with another? It was literally like that. She lied about everything.


The funny thing is, she totally changed her tone to a whole “I totally understand why you feel that way...” blah blah when another customer came into the store, NATURALLY. I told him not to take the tablet, btw, which she DID NOT like. She said I was being nasty in an angry and panicked sort of tone. I responded by pointing out that she’d completely changed her tone when the customer walked in, so let’s not pretend here.

(Obviously my plan to be nice kind of ended up dissolving. I was face to face with the liar! Who was the manager! And she kept lying! What the fucking fuck.)

Of course she didn’t waive the $35 cancellation fee, but the weirdest thing is she said it was $39 and then it was $33 on the debit card device. I asked her why it was less than $35 after all that and she stammered something about the tablet being $0.99 and they pay for that. 35-.99=34.01, not $33, but whatever.

Anyway, my blood boils with rage. And I found a $45 activation fee on the new bill today, which is AWESOME. At this point I’m switching service even if it costs me more. Because seriously fuck them.


I kinda want to do everything I possibly can to let my rage be known. Suggestions? People have suggested the BBB and even the Attorney General, I’m definitely leaving a Yelp review... anyone have any other suggestions for outlets for my rage?

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