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So if I don’t answer anyone, it’s because I have 35 notifications a minute, haha. There was that viral video of the racist asshole woman* threatening to accuse her Uber driver of rape because he didn’t have a phone charger (using racial slurs and whatnot). The end of the video includes some pretty creepy sexist remarks on his part, which are understandable, but basically summed up say: “man, bitches are like this huh!” So it bothers me. Another commenter was bothered, and...well here is the article (I removed the link to the thread b/c I didn’t want to cause a pile-on - thanks Krabby!).

Basically people are super mad at me that I’m not willing to give a person free reign to say ANYTHING in response to something. What I said was (in response to someone else’s comment quoted):

“Being a woman does not insulate one from the consequences of being a rotten, horrible asshole. Seems like the sobriquets apply here.”

Agree with you, but that doesn’t warrant sexist slurs.

In my mind, I’m like “she’s an asshole but I wish he would have chosen some kinder different words” (I originally said kinder, re-read and was like WTF no) and I was interacting with a commenter I respect and thought it would warrant a discussion. Instead, it got crossposted to - I don’t know, fucking 4-chan!? - I’m getting a ton of accusations that I support her, that I don’t think what she’s doing is a big deal, “but what about calling guys dicks?!”, etc etc. My main source of alarm is that people are acting like by me saying he didn’t have a right to act sexist, I am taking some sort of weapon away from him that would help the situation for him.


In short, the reason I am doubling down on it is that they are saying that sexism is a power that men need to defend themselves.


There are some valid criticisms of me - I think that I wasn’t taking the black-man-false-rape-accusation scenario seriously in some of my responses, and I also named a bunch of non-gendered insults people could use and some of them were ableist and I got called out (like “moron”).

I’m sure there are more.

Anyway....I really would love to have a reasonable discussion about it and also hear some criticism from you reasonable people.



*I truly hope the video can be taken at face value. There are others who’ve brought up they feel like she’s acting threatened/fight-or-flighty.


ETA - I want to apologize for the overall sequence of events where I came over to GT for support from an article on The Root (as a white feminist who should know better than to be a White Feminist). While it isn’t really the content of the pile-on I experienced over there (that’s more just people being sexist), I can see in a less chaotic setting that I was guilty of doing some derailing in that space where I am supposed to be a guest, and coming over here asking for “reasonable” discussion was kind of a boner move.


So anyway, foot in mouth. I’m leaving this post in tact but yeah. Sorry.

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