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Hold up, hold up. Don’t set fire to me yet.

Now, I haven’t seen Batman v Superman. I don’t intend to. I’m not that big a fan of comics—but I am a huge fan of women being badasses. And I think BvS just did a certain badass woman a particular favor.

Reviews are pretty much unanimous on how much the whole movie sucks: it’s dreary, it’s joyless, it lacks verve and humor. Except, that is, for Wonder Woman—I’ve repeatedly seen Gal Gadot’s cameo called out in various reviews for being a shining touch of light in the movie, a glimpse of a hero who doesn’t actually hate all of life and might, you know, actually be a fun time to watch. And in that context—of Wonder Woman being a river in Snyder’s grumpy doomsday universe—I think Batman v Superman actually gains some worth. If only in contrast to the mediocrity of the superpowered white boys, the movie has managed to create some excitement to see more of Wonder Woman, some genuine hype for a DC hero who isn’t a raging murderer, by showing how cool she really can be.


And, with any luck, that hype will turn into big returns for the Wonder Woman movie when it finally returns. And with even more luck, that will convince movie executives that women can really, truly rule the movies, and we’ll finally get the Black Widow movie I keep assuming exists before memory returns and I’m disappointed. And wouldn’t that be nice?

(full confession: I wrote this while I was very tired. but it’s been roiling around in my brain for a while, so I hope GT can piece together the bits that don’t make sense.)

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