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I am going there Christian Evangelicals Are Bigger Threat Then ISIS or Any Terrorist Group

Watching what’s happening in the south and other Christian evangelical strongholds? Women’s rights are being ripped away solely to please their Christian Evangelical voters.

We need to treat them as the ultimate threat to this nation. They are a small but motivated group that infiltrates every level of government. They do not care about anything but their own religion beliefs.


Some joked about Christian taliban back in the 2000s and too many folks dismissed it as overreacting. You could see in happening. In the 2000s we saw Fox News pushing the idea of Christians as victims with their bogus War on Christmas and attacks on secular society. This was their opening salvo.

We saw a rise of illiteracy and worsening education. The southern states have the worse educational systems in the nation. It’s no coincidence. It’s far easier to exploit them into believing that the Bible is all you need.

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