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I am going to cut a bitch

I just really need to complain, so please bear with me. I have been super busy the entire week. Today, I have been so busy that I couldn't get lunch until 2pm. Immediately, when I sat down to lunch, my assistant tells me I have a phone call. I tell her to please take a message because I am eating lunch. Less than five minutes later, she barges into my office to ask me what to do with a certified letter that was returned. Then, my law clerk called because he left the office to file a motion without asking me what days I'm available to argue it, even though I told him to see me before he left about that. So I had to take that call... then, my assistant barged my office again to tell me I had a phone call and I ended up taking it and it wasn't even anything I can do anything about. This all happened within 20 minutes. PLEASE LET ME EAT MY SHITTY HAM SANDWICH IN PEACE. Please. :(


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