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I am going to keep telling you about games. You cannot escape.

I enjoy telling people about games I like. But mostly they walk away, is the problem. You, though. You have no choice. You cannot walk away with the siren call of the Internet before you. Come with me into the abyss.

Here are two games on the Storynexus platform.

Black Crown Project

A horror game. Has actually made me physically nauseous twice (hints: pork crackling, something stringed). I have not finished it because I got caught in some sort of bug I haven’t reported for fixing yet, as I need to first ensure that I am not merely missing something. Do not worry to dip your toe in over this issue—I have slipped myself through some unpleasant crack, is all.


I do not know how to describe this game, in truth. The writing reminds me very much of China Mieville, in its lush verbiage. I have taken this screenshot. I do not remember taking a screenshot, but it is there.

You are a Clerk, or more properly a \\\\clerk////, or ____Clerk____, or ___/Clerk\___; it varies, really. You are trapped in a sort of warren and your own collapsing skin and a suit of rubber to confine that skin unto itself, a suit that you vomit in somewhat frequently. There are several pigs, but you are probably not actually yourself a pig, though you are referred to as though you were often. One of the pigs may not be a pig. You are pretty sure that pigs do not talk, after all. You receive promotions in the form of illnesses to decay you further. You are excavating the luggage of a dead man, a record of his time in the town where no one has names.

It is all very odd.

There is at least one LGBT character. And the guy who is a mansplainy dick is clearly a bad guy! I mean, everyone is a bad person in this game except maybe yourself if you play that way, but, you know, there’s a special place on Santa’s dickbag list for Wayle. Even if he somehow gets redeemed in the endgame, he will live in a special fictional-dickbag place in my heart with characters like Maurice Mandrake.


Warning: it has a sort of timer thing, where you must wait varying amounts of time for some stories to fire. Days and days sometimes. Although especially toward the beginning your lump of actions lasts for quite a while, it’s still a game that you play intermittently, rather than one you can play for however long of sittings you choose.


The Thirst Frontier

You could finish this one quite quickly, especially compared to other StoryNexus games like the above and Fallen London. It was a contest entry rather than someone's official thing; I don’t think there’s any content behind a paywall and any money spent on actions goes toward a Unicef clean water project.


Contrasting with Fallen London, this is not at all sprawling and vast. It is sleek and precise and bounded. It starts at a beginning and goes to an end. But it is still interactive, and you still have choices to make. It is very much a game that will make you feel guilty about your choices, if that is a thing you like in a story. You start with a lie.

You are thirsty all the time, in this game. There is not enough water on this frontier planet. That’s a pretty good reason for water rationing, though, hard to get around. Um. You’re a musician. There’s a thing about a robot-ish-people rebellion (not a spoiler, really—if a story’s being all 'hey here’s a bunch of robot people and they sort of have a shit time of it,' robot rebellion is pretty much guaranteed). You make friends with one of the robot people.


You pick a side, eventually, maybe, sort of, but it’s not your rebellion, you don’t get to jump in and be the hero for someone else’s rebellion just because you made a friend and Learned Lessons. Is that a spoiler? Maybe? Call it reassurance that it’s not that sort of story.

Also you can choose to get drunk and call your mom. What am I saying. Of course you get drunk and call your mom.



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