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I am going to lose it completely

...if the grandma doesn’t leave soon! I know I just complained about this yesterday, but she is seriously going to drive me right out of my mind. I have been at work for two hours and so far she has:

  • Run the vacuum while I was trying to put the toddler in bed for his nap
  • Mentioned her determination to dust the entire downstairs later today (despite no one asking her to) right after complaining to me that her back hurts from sleeping in the guest bed here. She does this all the time, complaining about being sore and tired in one breath and insisting upon doing some exhausting and unnecessary chore the next. Yesterday she went on about how sore she was from scrubbing out the shower, and I’m like...okay? Sorry you have a martyr complex?
  • Complained for the hundredth time about how her daughter in law keeps the potatoes in the fridge. She may be right about this, but omg let it go!
  • Criticized the arrangement of the silverware drawer and rearranged it.
  • Criticized the arrangement of food in the fridge.

I AM GOING TO DIIIIIIEEEE. UUGGGHHHH. I shouldn’t say anything to the parents though, should I? I am sure they know she is annoying AF and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I didn’t say anything to her about the vacuum because anyone with half a brain could see why she should not have done it, so what was there to say? Plus she has a way of turning things around so she plays the victim, acting all sad that the parents were annoyed at her for throwing something away that she shouldn’t have, etc. So I think she would not react well to me asking her to please not vacuum while the toddler is trying to sleep.


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