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The mister graduated from his grad program today. He is done! We kinda skipped lunch because I suck at planning, so I got hangry for awhile. My dad managed to drive 3 different drivers crazy with his non-existent driving directions (seriously why do people not remember you do not ask the long winded old southern man directions?) Finally got to the place and I ate like ALL THE BABY QUICHES at the after party (shout out to Sister Demic for hosting at her house). I had coffee at 7 pm, we sat around and talked to family that had come in from out of town and friends we don’t see enough and told funny stories and laughed and generally remembered how awesome we all were and I can’t believe he is DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! And I am eating sour cream and onion chips instead of dinner, and realizing I am the only person in the house that has to get up early in the morning. Kiddo doesn’t have school till Friday. The Mister is DONE WITH SCHOOL DID I MENTION??? So I am the only jackass that needs to go to bed. But I am not sleeping anytime soon because coffee. RRRRRR.


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