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I am Having a BAD DAY

I've had a migraine most of the day, and my fellow migraine sufferers will know that that means I was detached and blue for most of yesterday and am now, although no longer head-achy, feeling on the verge of tears with no actual reason for being so.

I am currently hiding out in my room (door wide open so I can hear all that's going on in the rest of the house) while the Nanobots watch The Clone Wars downstairs. I should probably take a xanax, but I want to wait until the Bots are in bed, just in case someone needs me.

In about an hour, I will tell the Bots to get ready for bed, and then they will come to my room and we will read from House of Hades for as long as my voice holds out. (I LOVE these books. I have developed a great respect for Rick Riordan's character development, especially when it comes to women, although I have some issues with his handling of some kinds of characters. Which is when reading the books aloud becomes awesome because I can just modify those bits.)


And then, dear ones, I will want to watch a movie. Something to make me have a really really good cathartic cry. Preferably something that's available on netflix.


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