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I am having a gross day (Update)

So I have been babysitting for a friend of Mr. Peachy's because his regular sitter is visiting family out of the country for several weeks.

We were hanging out in the kid's bedroom when I noticed a huge wet spot in his crib. His dad didn't mention anything about him peeing the bed, I guess he was in a rush this morning and forgot. The kid needs to go down for his nap before dad gets home, so I get to deal with it.


I decide to wait to clean it up until after bath time. Then, THE KID POOPED IN THE BATH so I got to deal with that too.

Is this stuff any less gross when it is your own kid?

UPDATE: I went to clean up the wet bed and felt a drip on my head. He didn't wet the bed, the ceiling is leaking! Yay for me, but very not yay for his dad.

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