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I am having a hard time with the "sorority sister" comments

There are so many people defending the author of the email and those tweets by saying that she's funny, she's witty, she used the proper their/there/they're so she must be smart, she knows how to write a complete sentence so let's not all jump on her!

There are people who are saying they liked her after her email, peppered as it was with "retard" and "faggot". They think it makes her a badass and somehow funny to add to homophobia and ableism in our society, I guess. Then there are people saying she's not racist because it was just that one comment about Mexicans, that's not very racist, and a few about Asians, OK, but still...

I don't feel like getting into arguments in the comments right now, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? How is it considered funny or clever to basically be bigoted in every possible way?


Don't even get me started on the problematic feminist issues of demanding that all her sorority sisters amuse the frat boys because that is how women show their worth: by impressing men. Not to mention the comment about poverty and the "ghetto" malls. Those are just sexist, classist icing on her big ole cake of shit. What amazes me is that none of these things seem to be turning people off her because, why? She's bold? Do we give people points for being totally honest about being bad human beings now? Especially since there are so many people apparently willing to back her up, it's not like she had to be really brave to embrace systemic problems in our society. I prefer to give people praise for being bold and honest about being good humans beings, which can sometimes be much more difficult.

TL;DR I just don't understand, and I needed to vent. What happened to Jez today?

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