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I'm not going to say I'm having an OCD moment, because while I definitely have tendencies in that direction, I am fully aware that what I experience is NOT OCD. So. I'm having one of those moments where the fact that the multitude of three-ring binders on my shelf won't line up nicely is causing me great distress. Umm. Three-ring binders don't line up nicely. They just don't. They're all different widths, and they're all thinner at the end that goes on the into the shelf and thicker at the end with the spine and THEY WON'T STAND NICELY AND STOP LEANING TO ONE SIDE, DAMMIT!!!!

All you wonderful people who work in offices and have to deal with 3-ring binders, how do I make it stop? Is there a trick to making them stand nicely? Is there a product I can buy to help?


Seriously. I'm tearing my hair out, here. I know it sounds really silly, and I know that this is just the way binders act (it may be all the women trying to get out of them), but but but but I CAN'T KEEP IN THE CRAZY RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE!!! I'M BEING ATTACKED BY OFFICE SUPPLIES!!!!

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