Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just closed up the place where I lived for the last 13 years; it is about 5 months since my ex left and almost a year since she told me she was leaving (obvs this was not an angry breakup, just one that should have happened sooner). I thought I was handling it pretty well until I started actually moving out - our lease was up in March, I paid for an extra month then used the 'last month rent' and here it is the middle of June and I finally get out - hell, I did not even find a place to move to until the end of May. So I was hiding it from myself, burying it under some bead-making and blather about stuff. Every corner of the place, every last minute item found on the floor brought some tightness in my chest, some rapid breathing and pressure behind my eyes.

Hah, now my eyes are watering - good thing I am in a cafe or I might lose it completely. My old ISP won't let me have keep my current plan (hell, it took them 10 minutes to even find my account - I signed up with a local company called Speakeasy which was bought by (I kid you not) MEGAPATH (can you believe that name is not from the Simpsons?!). I was a customer for (oh, yeah that number again) 13 years and they wanted to raise my rates. I am thinking of (god help me) signing a contract with Verison for one of those little hotspot connections (no waiting for 6 weeks for installation, no $150 for internet device, why would I want to leave MEGAPATH). (see what I did there - I changed the subject so my eyes would stay dry). My ex told me she had one of those 'portable holes' er, moveable hotspot devices so I will check with her about pricing. I hire 3 guys from The Millionaire's Club to hump all my shit up 2 flights of stairs - I overpayed and tipped bucause when I was first here in Seattle, I was down and out and worked out of the Millionaire's Club for pocket change and I had 14 boxes of books plus shelves, tools, an Oxy tank, a CO2, tank and some propane. They humped a 17' U-Haul truckload up 2 flights of stairs. Of course, if I did it myself I would probably have hauled it all to the dump which might have been better in the long run. I left my old place in a complete mess. I did not have the energy to clean up after myself and they were going to have to completely re-do the interior because the place had no real upkeep in the last 25 years (at least); the carpet was old and moldy, the lamination was peeling off all the cabinets and the linoleum needs replacing (my neighbor said that during the rainy season they would watch the water pool on the roof and had considered putting in a diving board).


So, fortunately my Jeze account won't be affected by the ISP issues but I will be lurking from the shadows of an internet cafe until Friday or so. Oh, did I mention that due to the sequestration, I will be furloughed on Friday (gov. speak for unpaid leave) until September at the earliest. Now I will have all the time in the world to do all the things it takes money to do (yes, I get unemployment). The other news is that I just became a GS 08 which means a 10% increase in pay - I think my last paycheck will be at my new grade.

but I digress - excuse my venting.

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