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I am having issues.

I am completely and totally obsessing over this funky-looking thing:

I found it on this website that I am also now obsessed with. I might need to reupholster it, but I want to use it as a banquette with a round table for dining. And it's not too expensive, and I can pick up so no shipping!


I got into these great artist lofts, look at this!

Sorry I don't know why they are sideways. I am moving in with basically nothing, I told myself I have to wait until I get into the space until I start hunting for furniture. I have a mattress for the floor and my kiddo's bed (he will be up in the loft). Although I DIDDDDD buy a slab of teak wood from some random craft store that I am going to slap some hairpin legs on.


Sorry for the out of nowhere post, I had to give my sharing on FB a rest and I have no one else to yap to about interiors!!

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