Where I do not want to do anything. Coffee is delicious, but it's slacking on the job. My dad and I have a Sunday ritual of church then breakfast, bc it helps him. I don't mind going- it's a pretty open minded church. Progressive and all that. My dad had a pretty serious gambling problem, and they seriously helped him. BUT I really don't want to go. I see my husband sleeping in bed with three dogs who are taking over my warm spot and I am so jealous.

I will be a good daughter and go, bc I am the only support suystem dad has (4 kids, and I'm all my dad has- c'mon siblings, what is that?!- dad worked his ass off (still is, and that doesn't stop anyone from borrowing cash from him), you can't give 2 hours of your Sunday to that man? Sidenote: it really burns me up that when all siblings were talking to me, the reason given was bc I don't have kids, so I have the time. Rant over.)

Anyway. My dad is awesome, and I am so proud of his progress, so I'm going to go get ready. You know, after looking at my bed one more time with longing.

Anyone else doing something else they don't really feel much like doing today?