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Not Following The Rules

I was having trouble posting, but now things seem to be working better for me. Without further ado, my guy troubles:

I am internally screaming my lungs out because I just asked my friend to ask our mutual friends, including my crush, if they would like to check out an island next weekend.This could be a very good idea or a very bad idea. My mother has been going on and on about "The Rules" for years, and I guess it's seeped into my self-consciousness because I feel that I'm blowing my chances by being too forward.

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Yes, I know I could take this from a feminist standpoint and give no fucks, but I've been burnt for being too forward, and I know there is some truth to not putting all your eggs in a basket.If anything, I can take comfort in the fact that I can at least have a chance at having guy-friends again. When I was young, I hung out with all the guys, and I miss being in a masculine atmosphere. The eye-candy's an added bonus.Wish me luck, mes amis!

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