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I am heavily medicated people. I cannot solve your problems right now.

Alternate title: I'm not even supposed to be here today. So I had surgery on Wednesday to fix my broken foot, and I am currently sitting on my ass in a demerol stupor. There was a minor emergency on my team- someone somehow deleted a master file from our team sharepoint site- and the team lead, who is a mouthy person anyway, called me today (A SATURDAY) to tell me that the file was missing, and that the cross training we did earlier this week with other members of our team didn't go well. The people just learning haven't been doing the work, mainly because they don't understand it. So my team lead proceeds to call my other team member a hateful bitch. Pot, meet kettle. She has a ticket in with I.T., they will probably be able to find the file, it will most likely be on Monday. CHILL OUT please. I literally had to yell at her to stop talking so she would stop her rant. And I kinda hung up on her quickly before she could say anything else- "I.T. will find the file on Monday at the latest, and it doesn't matter who is a bitch, we all have to work together. Talk to you next week. Bye." Don't bring your bad mojo in my space, man. I'm trying to knit bones back together here. One of the thousand delightful things about being a supervisor.


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