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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am horrible at studying!

I have a midterm tomorrow and I am trying to study, but I just keep looking at the same stuff over and over again and I'm just not getting all of it. It's for Intro to Radiologic Technology and there are a lot of abbreviations that I need to know, a few procedures with long names, and associations. Some of the stuff I'm not even clear how much I need to know (but yeah, I should probably just learn it, since this is the profession I'm planning on going into) for the test, and I just keep reading the chapters and I'm terrible at studying. I've never been good at studying. I know I'm doing it wrong, I'm in the living room where the tv is on, and my iPad is open. So yeah, I'm distracted. But I get distracted by what's going on outside if I'm in another room too.

Help me with study tips! I never learned how to study!


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