I am in a terrible mood tonight. I think I'm being ghosted by someone and it's making me feel anxious and pissed off.

I had plans with my Gentleman Friend today and I texted him this morning to see if we were still on. When I hadn't heard from him for four hours, I wrote back, asking if he'd gotten my message. He responded right away saying he never received it and had been waiting to hear from me and apparently his phone has been doing that a lot lately. He said he was hanging out with a friend and would be in touch as soon as the friend left. That was six hours ago. I tried calling him just now and he didn't answer his phone.

I am really angry about this. I am just so damn sick of people being inconsiderate dicks. Usually, this guy is really considerate and this is totally out of character for him. It's coming completely out of the blue, but I feel like he's pulling a fade-away.

I fucking hate that cowardly shit. We've been seeing each other for over a month and a half now, we've slept together. This is not an appropriate way to end things. Just fucking tell me that you're done with me so we can both move on with our lives. I can't stand waiting around for someone.

This bullshit has put me into the foulest of moods. Sorry, GT. I can't get ahold of any of my friends, my plans for tonight are ruined, I'm now eating the nice dinner I was supposed to make for the two of us alone, and I just need to vent.