Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It doesn't have a deadbolt on the front door. There's a door leading to another room and there isn't any way to control the lock from my side. I have put a nightstand in front of the door, so if anyone DOES come through, they'll trip over it and hopefully break their face, giving me time to escape. The toilet lid is broken. There is no shampoo or conditioner, but rather little condiment-sized packets of "conditioning shampoo." I've stayed here before, and once they made me sign a slip assuring them I wasn't a prostitute.
So, why do I stay here? 1. It is cheap, cheap, cheap. 2. It is amazingly convenient to where I need to be. 3. It is hot as fucking hell in Los Angeles right now, but the a/c here always works like a charm.
I am still mad about the prostitute thing, though.

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