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That my sister picked some randoms she barely know to be my nephew's godparents. I mean, I get it, they're her boyfriend's friends and they're nice people. I know being a godparents has no bearing on actual guardianship of him if anything happens to his parents. BUT STILL. I'm mad she didn't even seem to consider me or my sister as a godmother, especially considering that he's being baptized in the Catholic church where it's totally acceptable to have more than two godparents.

It's more of a reflection of how she's interacted with his family since they started dating. He has a large Italian family that gets together every single Sunday for dinner at his mom's house (who, I might add, they live two doors down from). Alternatively, they make a big deal about how difficult it is to drive 30 minutes to see my parents - mostly because he doesn't like the town they live in. When they were picking baby names, he would only entertain Italian names. When my sister and I planned her baby shower, it was all about making his relatives comfortable and happy. If we're hanging out, she absolutely must be home by 4:00 to start making dinner for him.


I know it makes her life easier to just go along with what he and his family want to do, but sometimes I wish she would just say something about the fact that she has her own family too, you know?

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