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I am Jack's angry inner feminist

I don't know if someone put misogyny juice in the water here at work today, but I have been forced into the position of uptight feminist of the office, apparently. With in the span of the last two hours I have dealt with:

A) A co-worker doing the "That guy's awesome!!" in response to the story that came out last week about two female teachers having a threesome with a male 16 year old (it happened about 20 minutes away from here so it was hot gossip). After about 15 minutes of fighting about how that was not awesome, but horrible and awful, his opinion was modified at least so that he admitted that it was wrong of the teachers to do it (what a surprise! you're comfortable blaming women!) but his final attitude towards the student in quest was still, and I quote "Good for him".


Seriously? Do you go up to all sexual abuse victims and say "Good for you! Way to get laid!" I ended up walking away at this point only to shortly be involved in...

B) Another co-worker - Let's call her M (who I had been feeling warmly towards because she was bashing the first co-worker with me about the threesome stuff!) had our other co-worker P send me a photo. This was a photo of one of P's friends from several years ago. It was a photo of a girl having sex in a pair of cowboy boots her freshman year of college, and M thought this was hilarious and loved that her nickname in college became boots.


Except that it was really obvious, and confirmed by P, that she had no idea the photo was being taken and that what had happened was she was at a party and having sex and the dude's friend opened the door and snapped the photo without her knowledge or consent and sent it to everyone they knew. So when M was like - isn't this so funny? They call her Boots still! I was like NO THAT'S HORRIBLE. That poor girl being set up and having her photo taken and shared? And mocked for the next several years? M's response was "well, maybe she shouldn't have been having sex at a party". I'm fairly certain that entering a party and having a drink doesn't automatically terminate your right to human decency and illegal photo distribution, but apparently I'm the only one.

Slinking off here to GT where people understand basic decency :/ I forget that I tend to only have serious conversations with people I'm close to who all have the same basic ideas about what humans deserve (even if we have different ideas about how they should get those things). I forget that the assholes and trolls exist closer than I think in real life :/

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