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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am just a bright sunny ball of sunshine today

Except for not. My first class was at 8AM and I was thoroughly annoyed by being on campus, so I've kind of been a giant asshole today.

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The crowning glory of my assholery was while I was picking up my little brother from school. A woman was yelling at the aide who was bringing my brother from his classroom. She was unhappy about the grades on his homework because "I'm a real parent who helps her kids on their homework." I got so annoyed with her being bat shit and screaming at this poor aide while she was trying to help my brother get things from his locker that I said, "Omg, do you want her to get you a gold star? Get this woman an award! She helped her kids with her homework!"

I don't even feel bad. Anyone else feeling cranky today?

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