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I am losing my mind. (Updated)

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I just spent 40 min on the phone with Verizon because my cellphone was disconnected from the wifi. Every other device was fine. The cable was working (which is why comcast wasn’t my first call, though turn out they should have been). I go to bed, everything works. I wake up, phone has no wifi. I swear I’m one of those people who can break a technology just by standing near it. The tech’s explanation wasn’t much better than “sometimes that stuff just happens.” They eventually forwarded me to comcast to have my router restarted, which worked. While I’m trying to work from home today.


This is on top of my Gus stress. I thought for sure he was going to die this weekend. He hadn’t eaten, so I tried giving him ANYTHING (even if it was off the approved menu) like tuna or canned friskies. Which he ate! And didn’t puke! Ok so he has an appetite. But he was a total zombie. Had an appointment with the vet yesterday (one we’d never seen and didn’t like, a know it all hey lil lady type). But, he did give me more things to try. A nutritional paste to get vitamins into him and stimulate his appetite (which he hates. He literally hid from me for six hours after I gave it to him. And he’s still not eating...) Up the fluids to daily, and switch from the fomotadine to Azodyl. Also try a different kidney food. Cats get bored. He’s not in pain, the vet said, but I worry I’M making him miserable with the poking and prodding. I’ve had to block off under the bed and behind the tv or he’ll hide in there for hours and I can’t get to him. I just want him to eat and poop today. Though last night I got him to sleep in our bed, even if it was at my insistence, and he relaxed.

I’m so tired. My brain feels like live wires. And we’re on OT at work.

I included a pic from last week of him enjoying some catnip on the balcony.

***Update- I went to the vet again tonight. He hadn’t eaten all day, but was still spitting up. They said they could give him a shot for the nausea, and his azodyl was in. When I got home, I gave him his first pill and I noticed I giant abscess (or something!) in his mouth, which is probably why he’s not eating and why his breath smells like egg farts. I’m almost sure it’s infected. I called back immediately, PISSED. I mentioned his bad breath to the jerk vet Monday and he dismissed me. We’re going back tomorrow at 10:30. Keep everything crossed he can hold on until then.

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