Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am mad about this.

It’s too early in the morning y’all. I can’t. So now we let disgraced abusers interview other disgraced abusers and pretend like it’s journalism and not a masturbatory public forum for them to excuse and defend and “explain” their behavior?

Frankly, I’m fucking angry Charlie Rose is being given work and that any of them are being given this (incredibly soft and cushy) platform. Even if you wanted to do a show like this, talking to the men who were “felled” (trees are felled, you asshole, these are criminals who were not even legally punished in most cases for their heinous behavior) WERE THERE NO WOMEN JOURNALISTS OR NON ABUSIVE MALE JOURNALISTS TO DO THE INTERVIEWS?????? We are still giving jobs and voices to old fucking white abusive men. Why can’t we stop?


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