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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am nearing the end of this round of OKC

Guy emails me this morning. Nice email, but there was stuff in there that was a little weird...kind of the "I see you have very high standards that most people could not meet but I'm sure I can" sort of thing. Not overt, but still there. Regardless I could not be less attracted to this guy on a number of levels. I'm not sure how he got a 4-star rating, but I sure as hell don't remember doing it. Maybe it was in my brief "everyone gets 4" phase a few months ago. I don't know. So as one does, I deleted and did not respond.

Then I get this email tonight:

Hi ___ I trust you had a good day, I wanted to say hello and follow up with my last message. Have a great evening.


Now, I realize on the surface there's nothing "wrong" with this letter, but it squicked me the fuck out. It's been less than 12 hours. No response is a response. Give me some damn space! So I responded back in a less than pleasant way.


Ok _____. This is how it works.

1) No response is an answer.

2) Your follow up is a red flag that you don't understand the basics of personal boundaries and social communication. See #1

3) This is not a business relationship, and you are not entitled to a response.

You should go to www.doctornerdlove.com. Because seriously you throw off some heavy-duty Nice Guy™ vibes, and it's not doing you any good.


And then I blocked him. I know none of this was nice or necessary, and I'm not proud of myself at all. But I'm really over it.

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