Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am not a happy person right now....

It is 5am. I have been up since 4 because I itch too badly to sleep.

Here's the sequence of events. Two weeks ago I went to the health center on campus with a fever and general blahs. Got blood work. Wait week to find out results of blood work. Nothing wrong with blood work. Still feeling sick and congested so Dr. gives me amoxicillin for possible sinus infection (I should have known better as a public health person than to just randomly take antibiotics without confirming an infection). Take it for a few days no problem. Go to Renaissance fest on Saturday and get really not a sweaty. Get rash. Think its from sweat and heat. It mostly goes away.


Fast forward to yesterday evening. I took my evening dose of amoxicillin at 6pm. Withing 20 minutes I had hives spread all over my body...LIKE EVERYWHERE!!!!! I rushed home and got Ubertrout to meet me at the bus stop with an antihistamine. It started to get a little better and I fell asleep early. Only to wake up at 4 with the hives way worse. I took more antihistamine but it itches so badly and I'm still congested so sleep is out of the question. And now I'm just waiting for the health center to open so I can go in. Blah Blah Blah

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